Frequently Asked Questions

career strategy assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long will it take to complete the sparkchief Career Strategy Assessment?

It takes most people between 10 and 15 minutes to complete the assessment.

2) Will my work be saved if I get interrupted when taking the assessment?

No. We don't save your unfinished assessment.

3) How many questions are there?

There are 14 questions. However, there is no right or wrong answer.

4) What is the recommended age to take the sparkchief Career Strategy Assessment?

We recommend sparkchief assessment for ages 15 and older. This assessment can be used for people in all stages of life whether you are choosing school courses or planning your retirement years.

5) Can I go back and change my answers?

No. Once you hit the submit button, your results are processed. You would have to take the assessment again. You should not try to force the results by answering the way you think you should to get a certain outcome (some people have tried, and it doesn't work).

6) What is sparkChief's Privacy Policy?

You can find our complete Privacy Policy by clicking here.

7) If I request a comprehensive assessment report for myself, when can I expect to receive the results?

On average, it takes one working day to prepare an individual report.

8) How much does the assessment service cost?

It depends on each individual case. There are individuals who just want to fine-tune their current strategy, and there are others who need more support in terms of formulating a complete career strategy that works for them. Please schedule a preliminary call with a consulant to dicuss your case.

9) We would like to put your company link on our website. Whom do I contact?

Contact us at

10) We would like to provide the sparkChief Career Strategy Assessment to our employees as a benefit. Whom do I contact?

Contact us at

11) I would like to use this assessment in my classroom. Whom do I contact?

Contact us at

12) What are the benefits of the career strategy assessment from the employer’s point of view?

The sparkChief assessment offers insights and perspectives for ways your employees can align with your business strategy – to deploy programs if necessary to transform your workforce to effectively support your business goals. The idea is to have the right people in the right roles to obtain the highest performance from that role. Before investing the time and money in training and development, make sure there is a perfect fit.

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